Proficiency requirements for SwedSec’s licensing exam for mortgage loans

Download the document (January 1, 2022)

Function of the proficiency requirements

The requirement is divided into sections, subsections, and checkpoints. A checkpoint specifies what a licence holder is expected to master within a given, relatively small field of knowledge. Every single item in a candidate’s examination paper is thus directly linked to such a checkpoint in this document.

The proficiency requirements are intended to function as a support when developing a relevant syllabus and also to serve as a basis when setting exam questions. In addition, they are designed to give an overview of what is expected of a licence holder. It is the task and responsibility of professional training providers to accurately interpret the proficiency requirements and work out a detailed training program.

Design of the proficiency requirements

The proficiency requirements are, as previously stated, divided into sections, subsections and checkpoints. The three sections included are:

  1. Products and processes
  2. The housing market and finances
  3. Advisory services, ethics and rules and regulations


The licensing examination for mortgage loans comprises 30 standard questions from each section. The examination comprises in total 90 standard questions. All standard questions have undergone thorough quality control in terms of facts, quality, and language. In addition, all questions have been trialled and analysed using statistical methods. This is done by including five as yet unapproved questions from each section, the answers to which do not influence the final score. The candidates’ answers to these questions will therefore not be included in the final score, but rather will be stored for statistical analysis. The candidates are not in a position to determine which questions are standard and which are being trialled. The candidate thus answers a total of 105 questions, 90 of which determine the candidate’s score.

To pass the licensing examination a candidate is required to have an overall score of at least 70% correct answers and at least 60% correct answers in each section.