Proficiency requirements for SwedSec’s licensing exam for specialists

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Function of the proficiency requirements

The proficiency requirements are divided into sections (subject areas), subsections, and checkpoints. A checkpoint specifies what the licence holder is expected to master within a given, relatively small field of knowledge. Every single item in the licensing examination is directly linked to a checkpoint in this document.

The proficiency requirements are intended to function as a support, among other things when developing relevant syllabuses and also to serve as a basis when setting examination questions. In addition, they are designed to give an overview of what is expected of a licence holder. It is the task of professional training providers to interpret the proficiency requirements and develop a relevant and instructive course based on such interpretation.

Structure of the licence proficiency requirements for specialists

The licensing exam is divided into the following three areas:

  1. Financial instruments, markets and trading
  2. Economic analysis
  3. Ethics and rules and regulations

Exam structure based on proficiency requirements

The licence exam for specialists consists of 30 standard questions from each section. The examination thus comprises a total of 90 standard questions. All standard questions have undergone thorough quality control in terms of facts, quality, and language. In addition, all questions have been trialled and analysed using statistical methods. This is done by including 5 as yet unapproved questions from each section, the answers to which do not influence the final score. The candidates’ answers to these questions will therefore not be included in the final score, but rather will be stored for statistical analysis. The candidates are not in a position to determine which questions are standard and which are being trialled. The candidate thus answers a total of 105 questions, 90 of which determine the candidate’s score.

To pass the licensing exam, a candidate must have an overall score of at least 70% correct answers and at least 60% correct answers in each section.

SwedSec offers the possibility to take the test in English on paper at our premises in Stockholm. For more information, please contact our office: 08-56 26 07 10 or

Suggestions for training

Contento (self-education for specialists with webinar in English)