SwedSec’s Rules and Regulations

SwedSec’s rules set forth the terms governing which companies and persons the system encompasses, the associated company’s and license holders’ obligations, proficiency requirements and licensing examination, disciplinary procedures, etc.

The rules are adopted by the SwedSec Board of Directors and can be reviewed every year and half-year.

According to SwedSecs’s rules, license holders’ must comply with these rules as well as laws and other statutes governing the operations and generally accepted practices on the securities market.

SwedSec’s Rules and Regulations 2022-01-01 with commentaries

This document is a translation of the Swedish original. The Swedish version shall be the sole authentic version and, in the event of discrepancies, shall prevail.

Application form – agreement for association to SwedSec

This form is used when a company in the financial market in Sweden wishes to associate to SwedSec. See 2 chapter, 1§, in SwedSec’s Rules and Regulations.

Application form 201

SwedSec’s fees (In Swedish)


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